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Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow - part 3 
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Continued.................... leaders ....

7. Discernment: Put an End to Unsolved Mysteries

“Smart leaders believe only half of what they hear. Discerning leaders know which have to believe.”~ John. C. Maxwell

Effective leaders need discernment, although even good leaders don’t display it all the time.

Examples of Famous last words:

“I think there is a world market for about five computers.”
Thomas J. Watson, chairman of IBM (1943)

“I don’t need bodyguards.”
Jimmy Hoffa, one month before disappearance (1975)

8. Focus:The Sharper It Is;The Sharper You Are

• The Keys are Priorities and Concentration
• A leader who knows what his priorities are but lacks concentration knows what to do but never gets it done.
• If he has concentration but no priorities, he has excellence without progress.
• But when he harnesses both, he has potential to achieve great things.

How should you focus your time and energy?
• Focus 70 Percent on Strengths
o Develop them to their fullest potential
• Focus 25 Percent on New Things
o Growth = Change
• Focus 5 Percent on Areas of Weakness
o Minimize weaknesses as much as possible, delegate

9. Generosity: Your Candle Loses Nothing When It Lights Another

“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”~ Calvin Coolidge, American President

“All that is not given is lost.”~ Rabinranath Tagore, Indian Poet

• Cultivate the Quality of Generosity in Your Life
• Be Grateful For What You Have
• Put People First
• Don’t Allow the Desire for Possessions to Control You
• Regard Money as a Resource
• Develop the Habit of Giving

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